I've just found my future   in comprehensive school!

The direction you should choose for your future

  Comprehensive school means a school in which students are free to select subjects according to their interests and goals    Ashima Senior High School offers more than 140 subjects. Students can structure their own timetables to suit themselves.    An important benefit of comprehensive school is that students can acquire the essentials while being challenged by different fields of study.

When students wish to push their limits and broaden their horizons,

  the various subjects offered ensure they achieve all which they are capable of.

When students have specific goals,

  those who wish to enter University after graduation can study the basics of their chosen professional degree, while preparing for entrance examinations.    In addition, those who wish to enter technical colleges or work soon after leaving school are free to plan their own schedules.

If the students prefer to devote more time to their favorite subjects,

  they are free to do so; thus extending upon their specialities.

Ashima SHS
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