When you know the characteristics of ASHS, you'll be able to discover your dreams.  With a comprehensive courses,

you can study according to your own goals, such as entering University.

   We could describe comprehensive school as being the egg from which ideas are hatched.   Students learn many kinds of subjects here in ASHS.

There are a lot of classes from which the students can choose.

   A week has 30 classes: 6 classes a day * five days = 30 classes a week
The 1st grade students cannot yet make their own curriculum, because they need to consider the next two years' curriculum.   In the 2nd grade, students take 16 out of 30 classes a week.   In the 3rd grade they will take 24 classes out of 30.   In short, 80% of the subjects are optional subjects.   Thus, students can make individual timetables to suit their needs.

Many optional subjects

   We offer over 140 optional subjects.   Included among these are special subjects, liberal arts, basic subjects, drills for entrance examinations and training for the attainment of certain licenses.
   In order to be able to offer such a varied curriculum, there are more teachers than general courses. Moreover, many additional facilities such as practical training rooms and information technology rooms are under construction.   We will begin using these new facilities as early as April.   Students can make the dream of studying their true interests a reality..

"Group" refers to a clearly defined element

   ASHS has 5 groups.   You can either concentrate on a specific field when you select your subjects, or pick subjects from various fields.

Optional subjects

   Drills for the entrance examination of Universities, classes similar to general high schools, and license-attainment classes.
   modern Japanese drill, classical Japanese drill, Japanese history drill, world history drill, geography drill, mathematics drill, physics drill, chemistry drill, biology drill, English reading, English writing, English grammar, craft, Japanese(U), mathematics(V),...
   It is possible to select mainly optional subjects.   For example, you can make a timetable with four kinds of maths: mathematics B, mathematics V, mathematics drill A and mathematics drill B for entrance examinations.   Only the students of a comprehensive course have the ability to plan such a timetable.

Placing importance on information technology

   Ashima SHS students make frequent use of computers and internet in everyday classes.

Classes with fewer people

   Even in the 1st grade, students learn English and mathematics in small classes in order to strengthen their abilities.   They are also able to learn most of the optional subjects in small groups.

Ashima SHS
Dreams start to unfold